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How To Write Content That Goes Viral

Search engine optimization is one of the online activities that is believed to be only done by online experts. The good news is that when using content to optimize, you can do it yourself and still rank top in the search pages so how do you do that?

In your websites or blogs ensure you write work that is meaningful and helpful to the user. Depending on the nature of your industry, you need to keep the information up to date. There are some that require updates in every one day; others will ask fortnightly and few a month. Take for instance a media website; there is no time you should get on their website and not lack a story; in fact, it is updated even after minutes. Another such as of car production and construction can post new items after a month because the development of a car will not take them a day so that they update immediately. People will nit visit your site if they get out-of-date information every time they log in so just give them what they want.

The use of keywords is one of the SEO Seattle Agency techniques that you cannot escape. Ensure you choose your words wisely; only use that which the internet user is likely to type in his or her search word or as part of the search phrase they choose. In your articles use the word at least two times but do not over use. This helps the Spiders to easily find your content when a user searches. Spiders are internet navigators that scan the internet to see which articles use a particular word used by the web user. They then return feedback to the browser, and if it is a positive one, then that will make the browser display your content among the first links.

It would be so bad for you to give all the grammatical mistakes ever heard of. Check in every article or piece your posts, however, small it may be. Ensure you have no mistakes including those of spelling. Again no user will keep checking your work full of mistakes and want to come back for more. Remember in this; we are writing to impress the user who can be found here

When you write articles, of course, they will always fall into the same category of industry, or rather they subscribe to the same school of thought. When you write, have a link to your article that will open to another previously posted article. This helps to note that all content on your website is all related. However, do not load all your previous articles in this particular one because then it would mean there is no update being made other than cunningly being made to read the past.